Top 5 Things To Remember When You‘Re On Blood Thinners

As a patient, you need to keep a record of every little thing that you do, unless you have a minor and easily curable disease or illness. On the other hand, if you have the problem of blood clots in your arteries every now and then, there are a lot of things that you need to be careful about. You need to jot down your life and keep a track of all that you do because any activity of yours can make you go through moderate to severe pain in future.

When a patient has blood clots in his body, he is made to consume Xarelto or other similar blood thinners, for the sake of converting his liquid state of blood into gel. This helps in keeping the blood flow increased and discontinue with the recurrence of blood clots in the arteries or atria of the heart.

Blood thinners may be life savers for a lot of people but when it comes to their regular intakes, you might have to know a few things about the same. There are a lot of side effects that people go through due to such medicines since they go through severe blood loss due to the increased flow of blood.


Following are the top five things to remember if you are on blood thinners like Xarelto:

1. Take care of your diet – If you do not want to go through the terrible side effects of the consumption of blood thinners, you need to take care of what you eat and drink. Even when you go to the injury lawyers, the first thing they ask you is whether you have been taking care of your diet or not. If, in the end, it is found that the blood loss is due to the reaction of the medicine’s consumption with some food that you were told not to have, no compensation would be received by you.

2. Get yourself checked regularly – To have a better and healthier life and keep a track of your current health position, you need to get yourself checked by the doctor, regularly.

3. Ask the doctor whether you can exercise – In order to lose less blood when you are on blood thinners, there are some of the exercises that you are not supposed to perform. Thus, even if you do Yoga, make sure that you ask the doctors first and then do the physical activities or else the xarelto mass tort can’t help you with the compensation of your losses for the side effects of the medicines.

4. Do not get yourself cut – Make sure you do not have your finger pricked or cut while cutting the vegetables or performing other such tasks or else you may have immense blood loss from the wound.

5. Take less stress – Leave your work stress back at the office and pre-handedly inform the boss that you are on medications due to which you can’t handle much of stress. If you have been a loyal and good employee of the organization, the management would surely support you.